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Career Quest celebrates Hug a GI Day
Career Quest Advantage, IT Professional
February 26, 2019
  It’s a holiday we can all embrace: March 4th is Hug a G.I. Day! First observed in 1996 as a way to honor those who serve in the United States Armed Forces, the date is especially fitting because “march forth” is also a military command.
eye diseases
February 21, 2019
  Did you know that the health of the rest of your body can impact and harm your eyes and vision? Make sure you take care of your overall health and pay attention to these four diseases that could harm your eyes and vision.
February 20, 2019
Terry Farris, Ph.D., MBA has been named president of the Jackson campus for CQLC. In this position, he is responsible for day-to-day operations within all departments: education, admissions, career services, student services, financial aid and facilities. He’ll also continue to develop and maintain relationships within the Jackson community.
IT worker making network repairs
IT Professional
February 19, 2019
  February is Career and Technical Education Month, which is a fitting time to consider whether you might make the leap from computer hobbyist to IT professional. What do you think?
Medical Assistant graduate Vennessa Noguerasssssssasasassss
Medical Assistant
February 14, 2019
  Vennessa Nogueras says her children couldn’t be prouder of their mom as she puts on her uniform every day and heads to work in a doctor’s office. “I tell them, do you know Hallie the Hippo who helps Doc McStuffins? That’s what mommy does!”
Woman working in human resources
Administrative Assistant
February 12, 2019
       Are you a people person looking for a career that will put your personal skills to good use?  As a Human Resources professional, you will work closely with an organization’s most important asset— its employees! If this line of work appeals to you, here’s how you can get started in the Human Resources field: