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August 7, 2017
Sarah Fields, a medical assistant student, has been named July Student of the Month for the Jackson campus. “Sarah is an active member of the Student Association and has made it a point to get as involved with Career Quest as she can. She is also thriving academically,” said Jackson Campus Manager Megan Conard. “And she’s a great team player, helpful and welcoming to new classmates.”
Paralegal getting ready for a trial
August 1, 2017
  When you hear the word paralegal, it’s fairly obvious that it has something to do with law. But what would your day-to-day look like if you became a paralegal?
July 28, 2017
Medical Instructor Hope Lendzion has been named Mount Pleasant’s June Employee of the Month.  “She’s always willing to lend a helping hand to students and our other staff members,” said Mount Pleasant Campus Manager Nicole Ball. “She’s positive and professional and it’s clear how much she truly cares about her job and her students.”
Michigan business woman looking at the city
July 28, 2017
  Could a business career in Michigan become a reality for you? With the right training and perseverance it just might! But how do you break into a new field? Training isn’t reserved just for athletes. Whether it's interview prep or an online course, take the effort to set yourself apart and be ready to hit the ground running for a new career. One reason business is such a popular field is because you have so many options once you get started. Here are some key steps to consider as you prepare for your career in Michigan.
July 27, 2017
Medical Assistant student Eleta Guthrie has been named Mount Pleasant’s June Student of the Month. “Eleta always has a positive attitude and takes challenges in stride,” said Mount Pleasant Campus Manager Nicole Ball. “She’s a great leader for the other students and it’s clear that her education is her priority.”  
URConnected students at Career Quest
IT Professional
July 25, 2017
  What better way to get experience troubleshooting IT issues than to work on actual technology? URConnected! Inc. at Career Quest Learning Centers gives students in the IT Program a unique opportunity to run their own mock company on the school’s Lansing campus. Set up to replicate an real business, the URConnected! model allows IT students to serve fellow Career Quest students and faculty with their newly developing skillset.