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June 2, 2019
Bay City: Sara Graham is in the third mod of her Medical Assistant program and is setting a great example for current and future students. “In the classroom, she’s always offering to help others when her work is done,” said Campus President Cassie Ferrer.
employer yawning at resume
Career Quest Advantage
May 31, 2019
Did you know that in the amount of time it takes you to yawn, a prospective employer has already reviewed your resume? That’s right. Hiring managers scan your resume in just six seconds to decide if they should consider you for an open position. 
Campus Events
May 29, 2019
The Career Quest Learning Centers (CQLC) Bay City campus hosted a ceremony for its first graduating class of 27 certified medical assistant students, on Friday, May 24. The keynote speaker was Medical Instructor Valaree Johnson, who helped open the campus and has taught every student participating in the ceremony.
businesswoman in her office
May 28, 2019
Are you interested in a business career but aren’t sure if you have the skills you need to succeed? Don’t worry!
Career Quest Bay City graduate
Campus Events, Career Quest Advantage
May 21, 2019
In just a few days, we’ll celebrate our very first official graduation for the Bay City campus of Career Quest Learning Centers. And we couldn’t be prouder or more excited for our graduates.
Awards, Campus Events
May 17, 2019
We hosted graduation ceremonies for our Jackson and Lansing campuses, on Friday, May 10.