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An Elderly Woman being helped by a Medical Assistant.
Healthcare, Medical Assistant
September 11, 2018
  If you’ve always dreamed of a career where you could help others every day, healthcare is a great option that offers dependability and fulfillment. As a Medical Assistant working in geriatrics, you could have even more of an impact. There’s something truly unique about helping people who have vast life experience but just can’t do all they once did. Here’s how you could make a difference in their lives:
Amanda Rodriguez
September 10, 2018
Medical Assistant Student Amanda Rodriguez has been named Jackson’s August Student of the Month for working 60 hours a week at her day job, still coming to class regularly, and completing all assignments before they’re due. AND she regularly helps her classmates understand the material, all while maintaining a positive attitude.
Ophthalmic Assistant looking through ophthalmic device
Healthcare, Ophthalmic
September 4, 2018
  Do you want to become an ophthalmic assistant but aren’t sure what the job is all about? You’re not alone! Here are 4 frequently asked questions about the Career of an Ophthalmic Assistant.
Mt. Pleasant Expansion
IT Professional
September 2, 2018
We opened the Mt. Pleasant campus in late 2016 to respond to the area’s need for more trained healthcare professionals. “We had been talking to healthcare employers for about a year before opening, to learn more about their needs and how we could help fill them,” explained CQLC President Melissa Soderberg. “Our research showed that there was a high demand for healthcare support in the Mt.
Tosha Squires, Careerquest Graduate and Registered Medical Assistant
Medical Assistant
August 28, 2018
  Tosha Squires didn’t take a direct path toward her dream job, but she’s there now. And she says she never would have made it without all she learned at Career Quest Learning Centers. “I guess my favorite part of my job is being able to put what I learned to use,” says Tosha. “I get to use all of what I learned in some way or another. But medical terminology was one of my favorite things I learned in school and now I use it on a regular basis. I have even dug up some of my old books when I have a question. It’s great to have a reference I can go back to.”
Mt. Pleasant Open House
Campus Events
August 23, 2018
The Mt. Pleasant (2116 Mission Street) campus is holding a free open house on Wednesday, August 29 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., to give people a chance to see the recently expanded Mt.