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career college students raising their hands
Career Quest Advantage
January 22, 2019
  Did you know that many people opt out of four-year colleges in favor of career training? More and more students choose career colleges for a faster track into the job market. But if you think job-focused programs are only about the job, you don’t get it. There may be no frat houses, but many career schools offer engaging classroom experiences and a vibrant student life.
Career Quest Learning Centers eBook
January 17, 2019
  Are You Ready for a Rewarding Career?   Our free eBook Your Guide to 3 Rewarding Careers Helping Others can help you look at a few.
Career Quest Winner Hailey Baird
Campus Events
January 15, 2019
  Hailey Baird is our contest winner! We asked the entire Career Quest community for their New Year’s Career Resolutions. And we got some great responses. Although Hailey Baird from our Lansing campus was our randomly selected winner, we want to thank all of you for taking the time to really consider what 2019 will hold for you. We’re happy you shared your plans with us and we’re proud to be a part of your future.
Two BFFs graduating together at Career Quest
Career Quest Advantage, Scholarship
January 8, 2019
  Did you know that you’re more likely to succeed in your career training program if you have a great support system? That’s truer now more than ever. That’s why Career Quest Learning Centers offers a Graduate Together Tuition Discount so you—and your BFF—can support one another—and save a little money!
teacher working with children in her classroom
Administrative Assistant
January 2, 2019
  If you love kids, it’s natural to explore careers where your job would allow you to interact with them on a daily basis. As a classroom assistant or preschool teacher, you’d be at the center of young lives, helping little children develop important skills as they move toward their potential. It’s a rewarding career that comes with its own unique challenges. Do you think you’re up for the job? Here’s some of what you’ll want to know about working with children: