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Charlene Blanchard from Career Quest College
Medical Assistant
March 26, 2019
Have you ever sat in a class and wondered: why do I even need to know this stuff? I’m never going to use it!
Administrative Assistant, Business
March 21, 2019
Bay City campus is not currently accepting new enrollments. CQLC is now offering the Administrative Assistant program at our Bay City campus, located at 3900 State Street, Suite 200.
mother with daugher
March 21, 2019
You’ve probably heard that being a parent is the world’s most difficult job, but when you’re also a single parent,  you have double the responsibility. And while you wouldn’t give up the rewards of raising your child for anything, there are probably times when you feel exhausted and underappreciated. But not today!
starting construction on new facility
March 19, 2019
McLaren Health Systems recently began construction on a new $450 million medical complex at University Corporate Research Park, between Collins Road and U.S. 127. Being built in partnership with Michigan State University, the facilities will include a 250-bed acute care hospital, a cancer center, and a medical services building.
working together in an office
March 12, 2019
  Business attire, regular work hours, a stocked supply closet, and frequent interaction with coworkers: these are just some of the great things about working in an office. Does it sound great to you? If so, you might want to explore the kinds of office jobs that are out there. Here are some positions that are likely to offer a 9-5 gig with consistency, benefits, and a professional work environment:  
Campus Events
March 7, 2019
Mt. Pleasant Student Success Coordinator Emily Ross has established Emily’s Career Closet at Career Quest’s (CQ) Mt. Pleasant campus. Students are welcome to stop in and get the clothes they need at no-cost, so they can put their best foot forward for their externships and job interviews.