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Presidents List

Career Quest wants to congratulate and recognize the academic achievement of our students who have earned a GPA of 95% or higher during their prior module.

*Lasted updated for the module beginning 3/22/2021.

Hayley AdeAdministrative Assistant
Marissa AllenMedical Assistant
Harmony AmonMedical Assistant
Hillarie BieryBusiness Administration AAS
Donna BlissMedical Billing & Coding
Kristen BollmanMedical Assistant
Christy BortonAdministrative Assistant
Ayana BottMedical Assistant
Hollie BramerMedical Assistant
Emily BranstetterMedical Assistant
Jennifer BriggsMedical Billing & Coding
Dusty BrownMedical Assistant
Krista BrundigeMedical Office Administration AAS
Halie CampMedical Assistant
Sixta CarpenterMedical Office Administration AAS
Tracy ChesterMedical Assistant
Daniel ClarkeHVAC-R
Randy CoatsAdministrative Assistant
Kaitlyn CobbMedical Billing & Coding
Andrea CovarrubiasMedical Billing & Coding
Jaclyn CoyleMedical Billing & Coding
Jessica CrittendenMedical Office Administration AAS
Kandice CunninghamMedical Assistant
Jessica CurtisMedical Office Administration AAS
Joslyn DaviesMedical Assistant
Danielle DoeblerMedical Assistant
Amanda DuesMedical Billing & Coding
Jamie DukeAdministrative Assistant
James DunnebackeMedical Billing & Coding
Lisa ErskineMedical Office Administration AAS
Victoria FinkleaAdministrative Assistant
Rachele ForemanMedical Office Administration AAS
Lisa FowlerMedical Assistant
Samantha GalarneauMedical Billing & Coding
Jennifer GallettoMedical Billing & Coding
Patricia GeerHVAC-R
Sheila GoschkeMedical Assistant
Teri HackworthMedical Billing & Coding
Sarah HallNetwork Administration
Cheyanne HaskellMedical Assistant
Amanda HeleskiMedical Assistant
Kendra HellaMedical Assistant
Samantha HessMedical Billing & Coding
Maria HoardMedical Assistant
Nicolle IrishMedical Assistant
Jordan JohnsonMedical Billing & Coding
Donna JohnsonMedical Billing & Coding
Jennifer JonesMedical Assistant
Sarah KaweckMedical Assistant
Kyle KellyMedical Billing & Coding
Christina KerbyMedical Billing & Coding
Jenna KidderMedical Billing & Coding
Margaret KopkeAdministrative Assistant
Cayla KosalskiMedical Assistant
Brittani LeachMedical Office Administration AAS
Amanda LindermanOphthalmic Assistant
Sierra MartinezMedical Assistant
Kristine McCainMedical Assistant
Bobbie McCownMedical Billing & Coding
Sara MikekMedical Assistant
Mary MoinetBusiness Administration AAS
Katina NemoreAdministrative Assistant
Caitlan PerryMedical Assistant
Emilee PetersenMedical Assistant
Chelsea PickfordMedical Assistant
Nicole PitcherMedical Billing & Coding
Erin PolhamusMedical Assistant
Mackenzie PraterMedical Assistant
August PregitzerAdministrative Assistant
Briana RainesNetwork Administration AAS
Kendra RodgersMedical Assistant
Mia RowleyMedical Assistant
Heather RussellMedical Billing & Coding
Amber RuthruffMedical Office Administration AAS
Allison SalquistMedical Billing & Coding
Daniel Schaaf-ShepherdNetwork Administration
Brent SchulerNetwork Administration
Crystal SchultzMedical Billing & Coding
Samantha SenopoleMedical Assistant
Dana SidockMedical Office Administration AAS
Jazmine SimonOphthalmic Assistant
Jamie SniderMedical Billing & Coding
Megan StegehuisMedical Assistant
Brittney StevensMedical Billing & Coding
Joann SweebeMedical Office Administration AAS
Benjamin ThiemeBusiness Administration AAS
Jazmen ThorpBusiness Administration AAS
Rabecca TischAdministrative Assistant
Rebekkah TrippMedical Office Administration AAS
Dawn UlisMedical Billing & Coding
Emily VeenstraMedical Assistant
Tara VenturaMedical Assistant
Sidra VintonMedical Assistant
Brian WagnerBusiness Administration AAS
Kaela WaidelichMedical Office Administration AAS
Abigail WaldropMedical Billing & Coding
Mandy WaltersMedical Billing & Coding
Brittney WatsonNetwork Administration AAS
Robin WebbMedical Assistant
Crystal WhiteMedical Assistant
Deborah WhittAdministrative Assistant
Jennifer WillmanMedical Assistant
Haley WilsonMedical Billing & Coding
Cheyenne WinnieAdministrative Assistant
Tina WonseyMedical Billing & Coding
Sheri WoodMedical Office Administration AAS
Selena YangMedical Assistant