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Presidents List

Career Quest wants to congratulate and recognize the academic achievement of our students who have earned a GPA of 95% or higher during their prior module.

*Lasted updated for the module beginning 6/07/2021.

Ashley AdamczakMedical Assistant
Hayley AdeAdministrative Assistant
Melissa AlcornMedical Assistant
Wasan Al-QaizyAdministrative Assistant
Harmony AmonMedical Office Administration AAS
Emily AungstMedical Billing & Coding
Indu BabyMedical Assistant
Spencer BennettAdministrative Assistant
Hillarie BieryBusiness Administration AAS
Donna BlissMedical Billing & Coding
Kristen BollmanMedical Assistant
Christy BortonAdministrative Assistant
Hollie BramerMedical Assistant
Emily BranstetterMedical Assistant
Jennifer BriggsMedical Billing & Coding
Tyler BrodeurMedical Billing & Coding
Dusty BrownMedical Assistant
Krista BrundigeMedical Office Administration AAS
Sophie BudekMedical Assistant
Rosanne CarrMedical Office Administration AAS
Britney ChappellMedical Billing & Coding
Tracy ChesterMedical Assistant
Claire ChildsChild Care Assistant
Valerie ChrisinskeMedical Billing & Coding
Daniel ClarkeHVAC-R
Kaitlyn CobbMedical Billing & Coding
Jenna CookMedical Assistant
Jaclyn CoyleMedical Billing & Coding
Jessica CrittendenMedical Assistant
Kandice CunninghamMedical Assistant
Sirah DowellMedical Assistant
Jamie DukeAdministrative Assistant
Jennica ElkinsMedical Billing & Coding
Lisa ErskineMedical Office Administration AAS
Ashley FessendenMedical Office Administration AAS
Gayle FrayerMedical Assistant
Ashlea FuhrmanMedical Assistant
Samantha GalarneauMedical Office Administration AAS
Tracie GarciaMedical Assistant
Patricia GeerHVAC-R
Julia GianinoMedical Assistant
Sheila GoschkeMedical Assistant
Sara GrahamMedical Billing & Coding
Teri HackworthMedical Billing & Coding
Sarah HallNetwork Administration
Brianna Harlin-DavisMedical Assistant
Alanna HarrisMedical Billing & Coding
Cheyanne HaskellMedical Assistant
Britini HawesMedical Office Administration AAS
Jessie HawleyMedical Billing & Coding
Anna HaywardAdministrative Assistant
Amanda HeleskiMedical Assistant
Loreal HinesMedical Assistant
Cellsey HumphreyMedical Assistant
Nicolle IrishMedical Assistant
Justin KellyHVAC-R
Damali KennedyMedical Assistant
Emma KingBusiness Administration AAS
Margaret KopkeAdministrative Assistant
Cayla KosalskiMedical Assistant
Jordan LaramoreMedical Assistant
Amanda LindermanOphthalmic Assistant
Jasmine LopezMedical Assistant
Destiny ManuelMedical Billing & Coding
Jerrod Marhofer-ShillingMedical Billing & Coding
Tory MartinMedical Assistant
Sierra MartinezMedical Assistant
Kristine McCainMedical Assistant
Chelsea MinierMedical Assistant
Leanna MisnerMedical Office Administration AAS
Mary MoinetBusiness Administration AAS
Lina MoranMedical Assistant
Katina NemoreAdministrative Assistant
Jennifer NentwigMedical Assistant
Jessica PaielliMedical Office Administration AAS
Nicole PitcherMedical Office Administration AAS
Erin PolhamusMedical Assistant
August PregitzerAdministrative Assistant
Markquel PriceNetwork Administration
Briana RainesNetwork Administration AAS
Nichole RalstonMedical Assistant
Elizabeth ReedMedical Billing & Coding
Kristy ReeveMedical Assistant
Danielle ReynoldsMedical Assistant
Jonisha RidleyMedical Office Administration AAS
Kendra RodgersMedical Assistant
Makayla SadlerMedical Office Administration AAS
Racquel SaenzMedical Assistant
Allison SalquistMedical Billing & Coding
Dominique SaxtonMedical Billing & Coding
Brent SchulerNetwork Administration
Crystal SchultzMedical Billing & Coding
Amy SminkAdministrative Assistant
Roxane SmithMedical Assistant
Justin SoperNetwork Administration
Megan StegehuisMedical Office Administration AAS
Brittney StevensMedical Billing & Coding
Brandi StringerAdministrative Assistant
Joann SweebeMedical Office Administration AAS
Debra TaylorMedical Office Administration AAS
Benjamin ThiemeBusiness Administration AAS
Danielle TrevinoBusiness Administration AAS
Rebekkah TrippMedical Office Administration AAS
Dawn UlisMedical Billing & Coding
Emily VeenstraMedical Assistant
Tara VenturaMedical Assistant
Brittney WatsonNetwork Administration AAS
Robin WebbMedical Assistant
Deborah WhittAdministrative Assistant
Morgan WightmanMedical Assistant
Alvina WilsonMedical Billing & Coding
Annette WilsonMedical Billing & Coding
Cheyenne WinnieAdministrative Assistant
Courtney WinnieMedical Assistant
Janette WinsteadBusiness Administration AAS
Julia WrightMedical Billing & Coding
Selena YangMedical Assistant