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Presidents List

Career Quest wants to congratulate and recognize the academic achievement of our students who have earned a GPA of 95% or higher during their prior module.

*Lasted updated for the module beginning 2/15/2021.

Hayley AdeAdministrative Assistant
Harmony AmonMedical Assistant
Hillarie BieryBusiness Administration AAS
Emmajo BinnsOphthalmic Assistant
Donna BlissMedical Billing & Coding
Christy BortonAdministrative Assistant
Ayana BottMedical Assistant
Emily BranstetterMedical Assistant
Jennifer BriggsMedical Billing & Coding
Dusty BrownMedical Assistant
Kelci BryantMedical Assistant
Kayla ButcherAdministrative Assistant
Halie CampMedical Assistant
Tracy ChesterMedical Assistant
Michelle CoffellMedical Office Administration AAS
Mandi ColeMedical Billing & Coding
Shannon CollinMedical Billing & Coding
Andrea CovarrubiasMedical Billing & Coding
Jaclyn CoyleMedical Billing & Coding
Jessica CrittendenMedical Office Administration AAS
Kandice CunninghamMedical Assistant
Joslyn DaviesMedical Assistant
Leslie DombrowskiMedical Billing & Coding
Sirah DowellMedical Assistant
Sandra DrummNetwork Administration AAS
Amanda DuesMedical Billing & Coding
James DunnebackeMedical Billing & Coding
Renekia EmbryMedical Assistant
Valerie EricksenOphthalmic Assistant
Lisa ErskineMedical Billing & Coding
Victoria FinkleaAdministrative Assistant
Rachele ForemanMedical Assistant
Lisa FowlerMedical Assistant
Samantha GalarneauMedical Billing & Coding
Severita GamboaMedical Assistant
Patricia GeerHVAC-R
Sheila GoschkeMedical Assistant
Sarah HallNetwork Administration
Marissa HamptonMedical Assistant
Jessie HawleyMedical Billing & Coding
Amanda HeleskiMedical Assistant
Kendra HellaMedical Assistant
Samantha HessMedical Billing & Coding
Maria HoardMedical Assistant
Erin HuffMedical Billing & Coding
Shazelle HurtMedical Assistant
Nicolle IrishMedical Assistant
Donna JohnsonMedical Billing & Coding
Jennifer JonesMedical Assistant
Sarah KaweckMedical Assistant
Kyle KellyMedical Billing & Coding
Christina KerbyMedical Billing & Coding
Jenna KidderMedical Billing & Coding
Aaron KlugmannMedical Billing & Coding
Margaret KopkeAdministrative Assistant
Cayla KosalskiMedical Assistant
Amanda LindermanOphthalmic Assistant
Jasmine LopezMedical Assistant
Alisha LouisMedical Assistant
Sierra MartinezMedical Assistant
Kristine McCainMedical Assistant
Sara MikekMedical Assistant
Leanna MisnerMedical Office Administration AAS
MaryKate MoinetAdministrative Assistant
Justice MonizMedical Assistant
Diamond MosleyMedical Assistant
Jennifer MurrietaMedical Assistant
Kourtney NationsMedical Assistant
Kitina NewtonNetwork Administration
Jessica PalethorpeMedical Billing & Coding
Caitlan PerryMedical Assistant
Emilee PetersenMedical Assistant
Kaylee PooleMedical Assistant
Christina PowellMedical Billing & Coding
Mackenzie PraterMedical Assistant
Tomas QuesadaOphthalmic Assistant
Kristy ReeveMedical Assistant
Andrea RiceMedical Assistant
Jonisha RidleyNetwork Administration
Kendra RodgersMedical Assistant
Katherine RoeMedical Billing & Coding
Aimee RoodMedical Assistant
Mia RowleyMedical Assistant
Ronna RummerMedical Assistant
Heather RussellMedical Billing & Coding
Amber RuthruffMedical Office Administration AAS
Samantha SenopoleMedical Assistant
Jazmine SimonOphthalmic Assistant
Amy SminkMedical Billing & Coding
Megan StegehuisMedical Assistant
Brittney StevensMedical Billing & Coding
Joann SweebeMedical Assistant
Benjamin ThiemeAdministrative Assistant
Rebekkah TrippMedical Office Administration AAS
Nicole TurnerMedical Assistant
Dawn UlisMedical Billing & Coding
Emily VeenstraMedical Assistant
Ashley VincentMedical Office Administration AAS
Sidra VintonMedical Assistant
Brian WagnerBusiness Administration AAS
Mandy WaltersMedical Billing & Coding
Brittney WatsonNetwork Administration
Robin WebbMedical Assistant
Crystal WhiteMedical Assistant
Deborah WhittAdministrative Assistant
Jennifer WillmanMedical Assistant
Haley WilsonMedical Billing & Coding
Cheyenne WindsorAdministrative Assistant
Tina WonseyMedical Billing & Coding
Sheri WoodMedical Assistant
Selena YangMedical Assistant
Rylee ZimmermanMedical Assistant