Betty Drumheller

Ophthalmic Technician Student

After not being in school for 13 years, Betty was a little apprehensive about going back. But she says the learning environment at Career Quest helped her get through that. “If you need something there is always somebody her to help you,” she says. “Even if you’re not in class, you can pick up the phone and call an instructor, which I have. And they’re right there to help.” While she may not have believed in herself at the beginning, she now knows she can do what she sets her mind to. Of course, earning a 93 grade point average, getting three honor roll pins, and being named student of the month will help with that. “I did this by myself, beat all the odds of being a single parent and I’m going to have a career,” she says.


“I decided to go to school so that I knew my son would have a secured future.”



“Teachers work with you so well and they get you to that goal. I feel like they really set you up for success.”


“They give you what you need and they help you along the way, no matter what struggles you have.”