Denise Lasky

IT Student

After many years in retail management, Denise knew she needed a change. “I couldn’t physically do it anymore,” she says. “I wanted a job that used my brain and not my body so much.”

She knew she needed an education in order to get the job in IT that she was seeking, and she found that education at Career Quest.

Denise says it was intimidating at first, but she felt at ease within a couple of days. “Everyone was very helpful and everyone would pitch in,” she says. “We did a lot of group projects allowing you to get to know everyone.”

She is now working at a Windows help desk, providing support. “I love my job and I love what I do and I love helping people and being able to fix something that they think is so broken it will never work again,” she says.

“Now I like going to work.”



“I had achieved my goal even before school was done.” 


“I decided to go to school so that I knew my son would have a secured future.”