Ivonne Romero

Multi-Faceted Healthcare Administrator

Ivonne already had her medical billing and coding certificate, when she went back to study medical office administration, to make herself more attractive on the job market. “Having an office administrator that can handle the books and deal with claims and insurance, and even physicans at times, is very marketable.” She also understands the importance of staying current within the healthcare industry. “Everything is changing at a very rapid rate, insurances are changing so often, procedures are changing, codings are changing, so you have to be up-to-date at all costs with the medical field,” she says. She says Career Quest is the perfect place to accomplish her goals. “I enjoyed Career Quest because they got to the point,” she says. “They got you where you needed to be and they support you all the way around.”

“They personally know you and I think that’s the difference between a community college and Career Quest.”


“I am a completely different person than when I started my program. I have so much more confidence now. I really think I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Before I started here, I wasn’t very happy with my life. Now I’m smiling all the time.” 


“When the Career Quest interns come to my office, they are very well prepared clinically for the technical work that we want them to do."