Jennifer Laughter

Medical Assistant Student

Jennifer says being back in school now is easier than it was when she was in high school. She appreciates how much her Career Quest teachers are there for her and how they’ve set her up for success.

As a returning student, she’s happy that she can set an example for her 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter, who now wants to be a doctor. Now there are no limits to Jennifer’s dreams for herself and her family. "They see that I’m continuing my education and they want to too," she says. "Today my daughter said that she wanted to be a doctor and that’s very exciting to me that she wants to continue that education."

Jennifer is just getting started setting big goals and accomplishing them. "I do feel that I’m setting an example," she says. "You know I’m 28 years old and I just decided that I was going to start school again and I think that really shows them that you can do anything."


“Teachers work with you so well and they get you to that goal. I feel like they really set you up for success.”


“I decided to go to school so that I knew my son would have a secured future.”



 “The students coming out of Career Quest have been prepared for what they should expect coming into the real world."